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Turquoise is a semi-precious Gemstone that has been revered as a talisman and a holy stone by everyone from the Ancient Egyptians to the ancient Persian Empire for thousands of years. It is described in the Holy Bible's Old Testament. Europeans associated the stone with horse and rider safety. But possibly no other connection exists between it and Native American peoples, for whom it is sacred, particularly in the United States Southwest. This is why it is used so frequently in Native American Style jewelry collections.


The Native Americans believe that the Earth is a living being and that everything in nature is valuable. The Navajo have a tradition that when it finally rains after a long time of drought, human tears seep into the earth and produce turquoise.

Turquoise is considered to signify life, as well as the colors of the ground and sky, which it connects. The Cherokee believe that wholesale native American silver jewelry is a fragment of the sky that has fallen to earth. Turquoise was traditionally connected with spirit contact, healing, and good fortune by Native American tribes such as the Navajo, Acoma Pueblo, Cherokee, and the Maya and Aztecs.

The Navajo believe that this stone provides good luck, and they keep it hanging from the ceiling or in baskets to keep evil away from their family. It was also used by Navajo warriors in combat to protect them from damage. It is usually presented as a gift and was tossed into the river when praying to the God of rain. According to Navajo mythology, a deity named Estsanatlehi was created from turquoise and is decorated with it. In Navajo coming-of-age ceremonies, she is honored.

Turquoise is associated with healing and high talent among the Pima people of southern Arizona. The Apache people equate the stone with rain that falls at the end of a rainbow. To keep their bows safe and give them power and skill in battle, they tied pieces of turquoise gemstone jewelry to them.

What is the importance of turquoise stone in Native American Culture?

Original Creations

Introducing the most sought-after American silver coin, now exclusively available for you to acquire. This rare and flawless silver dollar holds an unmatched level of excellence, paying tribute to Sequoyah, the visionary behind the Cherokee Syllabary and a distinguished member of the United Keetoowah Band. The perfect choice to commemorate the significant landmarks of American history.

Embodying the legacy of Sequoyah, his descendant Lisa Groundhog is proudly associated with this exceptional silver dollar. A living representation of history, this extraordinary piece is a true treasure for collectors of refined taste. Possessing both sentimental and monetary worth, these highly desirable coins are truly exceptional.

Silver, known for its elegance and durability, shines beautifully on the surface while remaining resilient within. Each coin weighs 1 Troy Oz., making it a valuable addition to any collection.


Thank you Callie, You are a beautiful soul, a beautiful woman, and I am grateful to have met you! 

~Lisa Christiansen


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